रमाईलो कुराकानी गरिरेहकी प्रियंकाको आँखामा किन आँसु ?(हेर्नुहोस)

कमल सरगम

Director Khanal cast Karki in Jholay opposite Dayahang Rai, where she plays the character of a prostitute. Jholay grossed over 10 million at the box office.[5] Her next big release then was Bikash Acharya’s Nai Nabannu La 2 opposite Suraj Singh Thakuri. Nai Na Bhannu La was declared the biggest block-buster of the year 2070 grossing over 40 million.[6]

Karki’s performances in Jholay and Nai Na Bhannu La 2 earned her the Online Filmykhabar Award as Best Actress 2017,[7] NETFA award for Best Actor in a supporting role (Female)., INFA award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) and INFA Most Popular Actor (Female)

Karki’s next release Aawaran did not perform similar to the previous movies at the box office. Although not a commercial success, this movie launched Karki as a singer in the Nepalese music industry. Karki went on to sing the OST of Aawaran in collaboration with Yama Buddha.[8]

Karki’s Suntali was officially selected to premier at the 19th Busan International Film Festival under the category ‘A Window on Asian Cinema’ which was held in South Korea’s Busan, from 2 October until 11 October 2014. Suntali’s world premiere was held on the fifth day of the festival. Suntali released February 2015 and although it wasn’t a big success commercially, Karki’s work was immensely praised as she won the Best Actor (Female) at the National Film Critics Award (NFCA) and the NFDC National Film Awards 2071.[citation needed]

In 2015, Karki starred as Mala in the horror/thriller film Mala. Mala, a widow, with long black hair and a white saree who is seen throughout the film but speaks only a word. At the recent NFDC National Film Awards 2017, the Jury award was conferred to director Sudip Singh Bhusal for ‘Mala’.[citation needed]

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